During the 1920's the "revived" Ku Klux Klan seen a mass resurgance in states that many within the "Klan" movements of today would like to look past even exsisting...the Midwest "Yankee" states. Within these years the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio soared with membership within the Knights more often times than not surpassing their brothers of the South in numbers. With this brought many to the "movement" of that time that really did not have the "spirit" of the order at heart. Not to say that many were not firm believers in Pure Americanism and traditional Christian values with good intentions. Rather, they were only a part of the Order for the Fraternal aspects of the Knights. This along with the monetary gains one could attain being an officer of the order and some of the ill leadership abbilities of the officers at that time to truly bring about change and protection within the communities the Order resided caused much infighting and eventual banishments and resignations of many members. Out of this period those who wished to truly preserve their Race and Nation in the North country did what their brothers of the South did in Pulaski, TN in 1865. They started an underground fraternal paramilitary organization which would be later known as The Black Legion. Much of the history has been lost about this band of patriots. Mostly in part due to it's secrecy. It can be speculated that due to the second era of the Ku Klux's mass attempts at covering up the exsistence of another "Klan" much of the documents that proved of these men's actions and sense of duty magically disappeared. But, in truth it does not matter. What does matter is what we know these men did to protect and preserve their race and culture in the Midwest. 

During this time period the Communists had infiltrated the Labor movement. Hiring only Negroes within their Unions. Many men were without Jobs in the Cities of the North. This newly founded "Labor Movement" began like the serpent viper it was moving into rural communities. Much like the South of the 40's-60's the Beasts of Babylon were implementing forced integration down the throats of the white man and his land. This is partially why history shows the high numbers of men and women within the K.K.K.K. at this time. The problem was the Klux had become a "fraternal law-abiding" society. Politicing may have worked in the Southern states and in the upper-class neighborhoods of the North. But, in the working class cities of the Midwest and it's poor rural farmers politics were dead. The only solution was militant action against these devils. The Klansmen fought hard against these broods and with that they were chastised, banished, or left to sit in the mud. In the city of Detroit arose the Black Legion. Made up of men who were ready willing and able to fight back when the Knights wouldn't. The Black Legion forced segregation organically back into the Detroit neighborhoods. With this the Order soon spread to Neighboring big Cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, etcetera and then to the small rural areas. Like the original order the Black Legion spread like a wildfire throughout the Midwest. Bringing hope to the working class white men and women and fear and dread to the enemies of their race. 

Just as the Second Era Klux fell so did the Black Legion. With the relentless attacks by the enemies of our race, the Legion's membership soon declined due to cells shutting down or stopping activity or members being arrested for political crimes. The final assault against the Black Legion was Humphrey Bogart's film loosely based on the Order. Demonizing the Legion for it's patriotic and strict criteria for members and blatantly lying about the Legion itself. 

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