Often times within the so-called "White Nationalist" movement we hear it's "leaders" speak of White Unity. It's a nifty concept...but it is quite utopian and rather stupid. Why would one wish unity amongst all White Nationalists? In a secular sense it would give the enemies in J.O.G. (Jewish Occupied Government) a bigger target to hit. In the spiritual or Christian sense why would you wish to equally yoke yourself (do buisness with) unbelievers? It seems quite asinine on the part of the Christian Patriot to wish to unify himself with those whom hate his God. Yahweh will not bless any movement that is not soley based on him. Just a fact. 

Most of the so-called leaders of the "movement" couldn't lead a dog to a water bowl. Nor could they truly unify anything. They only want two things; Members and Recognition. Everyone wants to be another Bob Matthews, Richard Butler, George Lincoln Rockwell, Hitler, etcetera. The problem is is these men actually had leadership abilities and guts. As Pastor Bob Miles put it "fight separate, hit the same target". It would be much more practical from a strategic standpoint to have small cells operating in each community. Rather, than one giant organization. 

 A true leader of the movement (if you can call it that) would first recognize that the rally and picket days are over. Sure small community issues may get changed with a rally, but not under the banner of White Nationalism. All it will do is be a giant publicity circus for those who do not believe in the cause to bastardize the message and poke fun at the participants. Why bother? Because you want recognition of being some big billy badass racist? You want to go "HEY! HEY! LOOKY IT'S A GROUP!"? 

The White Patriot Circles have always been filled with egotistical stiffnecked assholes who just want to be recognized and treated like a demigod. Trying to revive past groups and eras, the constant "I'm the real deal"; "I can trace my group's lineage back"; "we got more members than you"; "we do more rallies than you"; "this guy's a cop"; "he's a snitch"; will never quit. You can preach of this Utopian "White Nazi-Confederate-Christian-Odinist-Creatard-Constitutionalist-Satanist-Half White-Im the Real Klan" bullshit all you want. It's a fantasy, it's time for people to stop believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and start operating like serious soldiers and propagandists for the CAUSE. 

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