If we choose to engage ourselves in the political Paradigm we have two choices. Or two "wings" to choose from. We have the Right and the Left. The Left stereotypically is your bleeding heart liberals who wish to dismantle any and all Christian Morality. They normally want the government to intervene in any and all matters that effect their monetary gains and wish for the state to fulfill their Utopian fantasies of free love and equality.

Then you have the right out of which comes many lip-service Judeo-Christians. Who want the state to enforce their false interpretation of Christianity. Or you have those on the right of the secular variety who will bash the Christian faith til their last dying breath and want the right wing to dismantle the Church but then claim they just want separation of church and state. In both of these categories of the right you will find a majority are extreme Zionists who wish to force you to pay taxes which go to the War effort in the State of Israel. They are also of the "Merica' Love it or Leave it" mentality. You will find this on the left as well when you choose to criticize any policy by one of their "gods" they happened to choose in office.

After examining both parties and their idolatrous practices one has to ponder; "Where does this leave us as Christians?". Spiritually we have many paths but one road to the Kingdom. Allow me to illustrate it in this way. You have one road, that splits into three the further you go down it. You then have three choices; The left, right, or middle. The left and the right are filled with people going in circles and eventually these roads lead to Hell. The middle though narrow, often times rough, and hellish in itself at times leads to the Kingdom. 

Take the previous illustration and apply it to politics. If you engage in the "King's court" you are surrendering your God-given sovereignty over to the King. Whether to the Left or the Right of the political spectrum you will forever be going in a downward spiral of Idolatry, confusion, and sin. The only Government we should concern ourselves with instating and preserving is one based around the Laws of the bible. Where Israelite men and women can live their lives in the Liberty in which Christ has given us to pursue our destinies and in worship of our King.

So the question one needs to ask themselves is....Which Way Aryan Man?
The dirty bird of Satan? Or the Narrow Path of Yahweh?

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